Crush is proud to announce our all new high quality line of affordable Cajons!

We are offering two brand new models, each with their own unique sound and features. The CJW model features adjustable snare wires and the CJS model is equipped with an adjustable sizzle effect. Both models have Mahogany bodies and heavy duty rubber feet. Ebony and Pheasantwood are available front plates for the CJW model. Ash and Makah-Burlwood are available front plates for the CJS model.

All of our cajons come standard with a carry bag and a padded seat cushion.

• Ebony or Pheasantwood Frontplate
• Mahogany/Birch Body
• Adjustable Snare Wires
• Cajon Bag included

• Ash or Makah-Burlwood Frontplate
• Mahogany Body
• Adjustable Sizzle Effect
• Cajon Bag included