M1 Series Hardware

The Crush M1 Series Hardware from Crush is finely tuned for precision functionality.

The Double Bass Drum Pedals offer customizable, high-performance features and amazingly durable construction. With a sleek design and heavy-duty features, this pedal is perfect for drummers wanting to upgrade to a higher level or a pro expanding his arsenal. This Crush M1 pedal features an adjustable footboard, a quick and easy conversion from standard to longboard, double glide chain, dual-surface beaters and heavy-duty coatings. In addition,the double pedal includes a direct-drive adapter and a hard plastic case.

New to the series is the M1 Hi-Hat Stand. Constructed with a solid aluminum framework, machined footboard, 2-leg support and heavy duty 1.1” tubing, the M1 Hi-Hat Stand delivers rugged durability and precise functionality. The patented quick-folding and set-up locking system offers convenience and portability for working artists day after day.

Pedal Specifications

• Machined Aluminum Footboards
• Pressed Brass Heel Plate Bearings
• Adjustable Cam
• Independently Adjustable Footboard
• Double Smooth Glide Chain
• Direct Drive Adapter Included
• Pedal Tool Included
• Modular Design Allows Conversion of Single to Double Pedals
• Dual Surface Beater
• Heavy Duty Coating
• Hard Plastic Case For Single and Double Pedals

Stand Specifications

• Solid Aluminum Framework
• Machined Aluminum Footboard
• 2-Leg Support and Heavy Duty 1.1” Tubing
• Patented Quick-Folding and Set-Up Locking System
• Instinctive Tension Adjustment
• Tilting Seat for Bottom Hi-Hat Cymbal