Limited Reserve Birch

The Limited Reserve Birch drum set from Crush produces a distinctive sound with explosive attack and rounded low end.

All of the shells consist of 100% North American Birch and are hand finished to perfection. Satin finished drum hardware complements the Satin Natural finish. The plies are as follows: 8 bass drum, 7 toms & snare. Each bearing edge was carefully created for each drum. The snare and toms feature a dual 45 degree with a slightly rounded outer edge, and the bass drum features a dual 45 degree bearing edge on the batter side, and a full round on the resonant side.

Featuring: Sublime Mini Bridge Lugs, X-Suspension Mounts, Mating Memory Locks, 2 Position Bass Drum Spurs, and Crush Hoop Saver Bass Drum Claws, and Removable Inserts in the tom brackets (allowing use of multiple sized tom arms). Only (10) 20”, (30) 22”, and (10) 24” configurations of this kit are being made.

The Limited Reserve Birch shells feature a satin natural lacquer finish. The lugs, hoops, and X-Suspension Mounts are all finished in satin..

• 100% American Birch shells
• 7 Ply Snares & Toms/ 8 Ply Bass Drums
• Crush X-Suspension Mounts
• 2.3mm Tom Hoops
• 2.3mm Reverse Flange Snare Hoops

• Satin Lacquer Finish
• Satin Chrome Lugs, Hoops and FT Legs
• 20”, 22” and 24” Configurations
• Crush Hoop Saver Bass Drum Claws
• Optional Deep Bass Drum Hoop Available