Eminent Birch

It all started with an idea…

The development of Eminent Birch began with the idea of creating a high-end kit at an attainable price without compromising sound and refined craftsmanship. With our strict selection of North American Birch materials and precision waxed bearing edges, our shell construction has been meticulously designed for multiple playing styles and genres.

This series brings together classic design with a modern spin for those who are looking for the ultimate balance between high end attack and low tones. This is not like any Birch drum set you have played before!


• 7 Ply 100% Birch Shells
• Satin and Hi-Gloss Lacquer Finishes
• 4 Point X-Suspension Mount
• Chrome Drum Hardware
• Mating Memory Locks on Tom Brackets

• Dual 45˚ Bearing Edges w/ Slight Outer Round
• Reverse Flange Snare Hoops
• Triple Flange Tom Hoops
• 2 Position Bass Drum Spurs