In a crowded, stagnant drum market, where very little stands out, and everything cool seems to cost several thousands of dollars, you guys have managed to create a range of really outstanding products. I really think you guys have the potential to turn the drum marketplace on its head. Keep doing what you are doing, I wish all you tons of success, I honestly can't wait to get my hands on my own kit whenever they become available and to watch you guys grow. Mihailo D.
I've had [my Sublime kit] about 6 months and never had any issues with it. It looks stunning under the lights at the venues I've played, and I get nothing but compliments from the audience and sound guys as well. I've been gigging consistently every weekend this year.. and that kit has held up and looked amazing every time. Its THE perfect combo of looks, sound, and road worthiness.Daine B.
I purchased a sublime maple kit from mat at drum world in Tulsa Oklahoma and it is amazing it has all the features I could ever ask for and it sounds amazing and looks beautiful. Thank you for making such wonderful instruments. Robert F.
Received my drums today and... I will never forget my first crush....Mathieu F.
Still loving my Chameleon Black Satin Ash kit! Been rocking it hard ever since I got them in March! They sound amazing!! Keep up the great work!!Reyes S.
I received my Chameleon Ash kit today!!! Everything is now assembled, tuned, and sounds AMAZING! I am now a convert and firm believer in the almighty Crush!Steven J.
OK guys tested the new kit and I can say it was nothing less than awesome I love itGene T.
I just received my Crush Acrylic kit yesterday and I'm deeply in love already! Shane R.
Took my kit out for it's first show today and got so many great compliments! The band members loved it!Charlie G.
Just got my chameleon ash satin blue kit in the mail yesterday. They sound epic! And they're the best looking drums I've ever seen!!! Nice work gents!Justin D.
Love my Acrylic so much chaps!Brian K.
Got my Crush Chameleon Ask kit together, new heads, tuned up, they sound amazing, plus look great!! nice job guys!!John K.