Mission Statement

At Crush, we pride ourselves on our innovation, quality construction, customer service, and the satisfaction of delivering exciting new products to the drumming community. Our staff, endorsed artists, customers, partners and dealers are all equally important to us. We are all part of the Crush Family.

Crush Drums & Percussion is a company created by drummers for drummers. Not only do we constantly look for new ways to innovate and excite through our products, we make a conscious effort to include the needs and thoughts of drummers in every step of development.

We have plenty of ideas and always aim to deliver the best sounding and looking drums. But, we do not consider our individual selves as the executive staff to be the only root to the success of our young and budding company. It’s the people in our community, the artists we endorse and the dealers. Everyone’s input and excitement is what makes Crush so strong. We respect the opinions and views of all who care to share.

Since our launch in January 2011, Crush has been very fortunate to have been so well received by drummers all over the world, including our ever expanding roster of amazing artists. As we venture through 2013, we are absolutely elated with the progress we have made in such a short time. We are so very grateful for all who fly the Crush flag.

– Terry, Rick, & Chad


Executive Staff

Terry Platt

CEO & Co-Founder

Chad Huang

CFO & Co-Founder

Rick Hughes

Dir. of Artist Relations & Co-Founder

Michael Swenson